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Skid resistance on road markings needs to be measured and with the revision of EN1436 standard it is possible to measure skid resistance with the Coralba Portable Friction Tester

The Coralba PFT has many advantages which facilitate the implementation of EN1436 in the field
- Safety is high as the user operates the PFT standing up therefore being exposed to
traffic for a much shorter time
- It measures continuously at walking speed which makes it possible to gather
measurements over a long distance in less time
- The time needed for set-up, measuring and exiting the area are minimal which improves
the safety of field operators together with reducing traffic problems
- The equipment is not operator dependent and has high repeatability
- The PFT gathers measurements every 0.1 metre, logging them into memory. The data
can be transferred to a computer for analysing and reporting
- The PFT can be used for measuring any type of road markings, profiled included
- Like all Coralba products, the PFT is robust, reliable and simple to operate

Minimum measuring distance 0.1m
Maximum measuring distance 175m
Weight 35 kg.